Saturday, January 7, 2012

Product Review: Himalayan Salt Plate

This year for Christmas I received (among other food/cooking stuff) a Himalayan salt plate from SaltWorks.  (I'll wait while you go peruse the site.  You back?  Good.)  I've seen the device used on a couple of cooking shows and was fascinated, but never got around to getting one myself.

Boy, am I glad this arrived among my goodies.  Heated in the oven, it made for a dramatic table-side presentation on New Year's Eve when I cooked the fish course directly on the plate.  There is little salt transfer if you heat the plate properly, just enough to season the food.  While I would cut the original pieces a bit thinner so they cook more quickly, I can easily see using this for cooking over and over again.  You can also use it cold or room temperature as a presentation platter, and trust me when I say anything served on it is a conversation starter and just darned pretty.

Oh, this company also sells bath and spa salts along with their gourmet salt selection.  Perfect for DIY gifts and party favors!

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