Monday, August 3, 2009

Estate Sale Finds

My Dad is the king of great estate sale finds in this area. While most people are looking for the "big hits" of antiques or are trying to get collectible dustables super-cheap, he finds the real treasures. Sometimes, it's a Christmas item. If you know my parents, you know they Do Christmas. More often than not, it's something cool for the kitchen. Dad and Mom found the vast majority of my corning ware at such sales, for far less than you find the stuff on eBay. You know the stuff: the old kind, squared-shapes with handles and designs on two sides. I still swear it is better than anything the Corning company has come up with in ages. Dad also finds the best cookbooks at estate sales. Years ago, he found me a full set of the Women's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery. Originally sold at grocery stores the set covers just about everything and has the best pumpkin pie recipe out there. Dad even found the entire "The Good Cook" series from Time Life for $10. I marvel at his knack for the good stuff.

Last week he had another great outing. Time Life did another series, this one called "Foods of the World". This series came as two books: one large format book with pretty pictures and recipes, and a companion spiral bound of just recipes. While the large books are cool, and appeal to my love of all things kitsch, it is the spiral bounds I've been after. Thanks to Dad, I now have 20 more! With my earlier discoveries, I now have all but three of the books. I've only just started exploring the books, so expect to see some recipes soon! Thanks Dad!

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