Monday, August 3, 2009

Vino & Cucina in Long Beach

Just a brief one tonight. Vino & Cucina has become (over the last couple of years) one of our favorites! This is a lovely little trattorria here in Long Beach. The food and service remind both of us of our time in Italy last summer: relaxed service, portions for a human, an obvious sense of caring overall about the ingredients and the people. This is not a place to go when you are in a hurry, and I really think more Americans should take note. Dinner is to be enjoyed slowly, with the food and the company being part of the experience. Chew, think, discuss, repeat. There would be much less obesity around here...

I have to admit that I just didn't feel like cooking tonight. We finished the wine cellar (for now) and I just needed to get away from the house. I don't like to go out often, but this is one of my favorites. They also take reservations, which is always a bonus in our book. So we stopped in for a couple of plates of fettuccine rustiche. Think fettuccine in a creamy vodka tomato sauce with a hint of red bell pepper, but somehow the chef makes it call come together somehow more ethereal than it sounds. Edit: TheTooth would like the description of the dish to include the all-important sausage. You're right dear, the sausage makes it sing. If you happen to be in southern California, stop in and taste what Italian food should be, not the massive slop the chains would have you believe. More is not better. Do so soon though...the restaurant is closing for expansion and remodeling in the next month or so.

Best dishes: Depending on the special, this could easily be the choice. They make a killer stuffed artichoke heart, great calamari, the fettuccine above is wonderful, as is the spaghetti della nona, their risotto is actually risotto instead of paste, and is to die for. Dessert? If they have panna cotta, you must save room. The rest are good, but their panna cotta is divine.

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TheTooth said...

You forgot the most important ingredient in the Fettuccine Rustiche... sausage!